About Apics NL

Apics NL is your trusted partner for Personnel, Knowledge, Education and Consultancy in the field of Supply Chains, Production and Logistics. We have everything you need to help you fulfil your ambitions.

the Supply Chain Experts

You have our promise to have all your questions concerning the Supply Chain answered. Our founders are specialists in the areas of knowledge, education, optimization and personnel. They knew that – in order to be able to truly support an entrepreneur – a synthesis was necessary. The result is what led to the birth of Apics NL, the Supply Chain Experts.

three goals

To briefly summarise, we work together with you, based on three objectives.

1. Cooperation

A Supply Chain is the organization that is required in order to make something of added value from raw materials. And in real-time practice, that boils down to one word: cooperation! If everyone works together from the beginning to the end pursuing a common goal – a happy customer – and knows what it takes to achieve that goal, then the first step has been taken.
Apics Consult analyses and advises you on how to realize that cooperation and keeps you in contact with strategic partners, suppliers, customers and specialists.


The second step is: ensuring that your organization has all-current-knowledge that is necessary. Your employees need to learn that cooperation mainly consists of sharing knowledge and information. Knowledge should be subject to your organization rather than to your employees. Therefore, they must continuously inform and constantly renew their knowledge together. In this respect, your organization will become self-learning. That is our primary goal in Apics Academy.


Ultimately, however, this is (almost) all about human process. The better the people, the better the work. With Apics Flexjobs you will always have motivated and skilled personnel for logistics and production that is trained on the task that they perform for you. And you can never have excess or shortage of people.
In addition, Apics NL actively seeks to personnel in key positions in your organization from Management to Executive Board and Board Of Management. Rarely will you be able to find the best people in card-index box. This is why we use our own network through which we find in a short period of time, the top candidates for your vacancy.

all that you need to do

We have said it all: We have everything to realize your ambition. We have already proven that with Apics Flexjobs, Apics Academy and Apics Consult.