The benefits of Flexjobs

Apics Flexjobs helps to achieve cost savings and reduces strain on your organization. We have a few advantages of Flexjobs for you here:

Cost Savings

When you use the services of Apics FlexJobs you will never have excess of people. And if you need more people, you can have sufficient skilled and trained personnel already available

Less strain on the Organization

We take over (parts of) your personnel management. We take care of the hiring and firing. You therefore have exactly as many employees as needed and change in demand would be taken care of with just one telephone call.

Corporate social responsibility

Do you want to provide security for your employees but you don’t want to take them on a permanent employment? Would you like to use local people? Would it be pleasant for people and the planet? The approach of Apics Flexjobs brings that all within easy reach, without interfering in the operation of your business.

We believe that enterprise and social responsibility are inter-connected. In addition to the professional aspects such as the working conditions act, ergonomics and safety, Apics Flexjobs offers people with the right attitude the opportunity for development. In addition, Apics Flexjobs age-conscious personnel policy certifies and leads motivated personnel to becoming valuable employees. This is good for the employees, your company and our society.

Continuity and flexibility

Would you like continuity in your processes? Do you like seeing familiar faces in the workplace? Would you also readily like to be responding to fluctuations in your sales and production? That usually does not always go together very well. Nevertheless, continuity in flexibility is our motto in Apics Flexjobs, and you have our promise.


Apics Flexjobs is ISO 9001 certified and has the NBBU / SNA accreditation (NEN 4400-1 and NEN 4400-2.

Apics FlexJobs selection & training

We at Apics Flexjobs, we are more than just flexible. Through our unique selection process and training, we provide quality logistics and production staff. We achieve this by taking a step further than any other employment agency.

Candidates who wish to register with us are selected through a personal intake base on their personality, work ethic and attitude. They are then guided and practice tested. We only receive the quality of temporary workers on file and then forward them to the client.

Apics Flexjobs delivers tailor-made solutions

In addition to our success criteria of quality and flexibility we always offer tailor-made solutions and continuity. We are experts in customizing our services to suit your business goals and needs. So you can be rest assured that there is always the right personnel with the required knowledge and at the appointed time showing up at your location!

Apics Flexjobs works Local-4-local

For employers, we look for work forces that reside and work within the neighbourhood. For our temporary employees we are always on the lookout for an employer who is closer. Because, this would be more pleasurable for the planet, people and wallet.

Also, own people are made to work in their own region. Their focus is on the local market and are therefore more relevant and flexible. They will be able respond more rapidly to each single question as regarding personnel. And, will be more active in the region with the support of a strong organization.

A fresh perspective to staffing

Apics Flexjobs evolve as a result of market demand for more flexibility and quality. On the basis of this, a concept has been created that can offer security and flexibility for both employees and employers. That is our fresh approach to Staffing.