Our vision, mission and values

Supply Chain Academy aims to maintain a leading position in translating theoretical concepts into knowledge that is applicable in practice. That is why we want to be the bridge between the theoretical higher education (universities and colleges) on the one hand and companies on the other hand.

We intend to reach this position through:

▪ worldwide field of work – locally reinforced with the branches of our partners in Europe, the USA, China and other parts of Asia
▪ theory and knowledge validation
▪ innovation and support
▪ best practices by industry, region and culture
▪ interactive results-oriented training
▪ improved entrepreneurship
▪ as a SMART organization

Our vision, mission and values

Our mission is to achieve the highest benefits, performance and productivity for our customers. Within the organizations of our customers we achieve a lively exchange of knowledge and information, and promote sustainable performance and results.

In all our actions, we are guided by:

▪ Integrity – do what we have promised. We see mutual trust as the starting point for the personal and professional relationships.
▪ Innovation – grow through innovation We believe in a continuous learning process and creativity as a means to generate new opportunities for improving our services
▪ Excellence – we are only satisfied when we are the best