Approach and implementation

We will create your own academy from the Supply Chain Academy. For our training programmes, solutions and programs, Action Learning – learning within the working environment – is always the starting point. In the implementation, the students, your own members of staff will all work on projects that directly lead to solutions to your most pressing problems.

Entrepreneurship is what connects us to your objectives. We will together achieve breakthroughs in the area of your strategies, markets, customers and competitors. Depending on the stage of development of your company, we will engage our instruments – such as workshops, audits, benchmarks, best practices and business cases – to lead your employees to improvement e.g. productivity, margins, sales and product development.

four steps

In our approach, we distinguish four stages or steps:


In this step, we identify the possibilities to strengthen your Supply Chain with knowledge. We make an assessment of the level of knowledge and skills of your employees and look at the cooperation between the various departments and levels in your organization. And from this, we get to derive the objectives and road to improvement.


From the possibilities and objectives gotten in step 1 we formulate a program implementing the road to improvement. This program consists of a collection of projects with their own resources, time frames and objectives.


The participants, your employees, are responsible for the implementation of the projects for which they are supported by their Supply Chain Academy. The Supply Chain Academy provides a safe, challenging environment where regular feedback about their progress is exchanged. The competencies are further increased using Action Learning and understanding of your employees in their role within the processes and how their impact on the quality and outcome is growing.


Now, your employees are loaded with knowledge, experience and skill grounded, and are ready to coach their colleagues in their development. Your employees take our tasks and ensure that sharing of knowledge is made a daily practice. Your company has now become a learning organization, knowledge has become a part of your business and the outflow of knowledge by departing employees would no longer be a problem.