Content of the programmes

We tailor the content of the programs base on the function-level of the participant which we distinguish between the operational level, middle and senior management.

Management levels

Management levels


At this level the programs are focused on creating a safe, familiar learning environment in which employees can openly come forward with ideas and knowledge and feel free to share the results


For this level, the emphasis is on understanding Supply Chain improvement processes. To contribute to greater involvement, it is essential to know how planning and control contribute to customer satisfaction at the lowest cost. The experienced trainers [academy] possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of workshops, game situations and business vases.


This contributes to raise awareness of the role that Supply Chain Management plays in the results of the company. For these programs, we use our quality network of companies, colleges and universities in order to provide the best speakers.  They speak directly to the participants for their commitment and dedication to improving the supply chain.

Learning resources and teaching methods

Depending on the objectives, we put in various forms of learning-by-doing methods. Such as:


Workshops bring about an in-depth understanding. Specific workshops are designed to be applied on the challenges that your business is facing. Participants work on business cases that relates to their own field, in which they create and implement an action plan to achieve improvements.


A series of games, which is led by a Supply Chain guru, serves to present a clearer picture of how supply chain management can contribute to personal growth, process results and profits.

Training sessions

These sessions mainly deal with ways and means of increasing knowledge and improving skills. From our extensive library, each participant is allowed to make a selection of learning modules that are necessary to bring his knowledge up to the required standard.