Our approach

Apics Flexjobs loves to have a lasting relationship with you as an employer and also with the people we send out. Sustainability is not just a slogan for us, it is our starting point. We call that continuity in flexibility: flexible because you don’t have any involvement and because we absorb the fluctuations in your staffing needs, continuity because we prevent your business operations from being hampered by a shortage or excess of personnel.

Our approach

The staffing people are as much as possible part of our service. This enables us to provide good security forces and continuity and thus bind them to us. For example, we have built up an excellent personnel base that we can deploy where and when needed. We know our people, we know what they are good at and what they have and match them with the companies that suit them. So employers receive only people who are skilled and motivated. We retain a good match between temporary employee and employer, so that we can always provide familiar faces, people who already know your business and work.

Personnel Acquisition

When you choose us as a supplier of labour, we will take over your current personnel. They are then employed by us and will be starting work with you. And even if they are not needed, we will let them work elsewhere. Our consultant will tell you more about this.


Sustainability is a concept that has so many meanings. For us, this is what we imagine to be well suited:

easy to maintain
adapting to the requirements of the time
choices of today must not stand to hinder other options
pleasant for people and the planet

This definition of sustainability is the guiding principle for everything we do.