Bottlenecks clean-up

Bas Rozenbrand, 24 September 2014

The supply chain is all that’s needed to make something worthwhile out of material of less value. This involves the acquisition of raw materials, transportation, manufacturing, and – if applicable – the recycling of used products and making them suitable for reuse as raw materials.

If there is any one of these links that is not functioning optimally, it will affect the entire chain. From what we have experienced, it often happens that the current turnover of a company may yield profits in a few years, just by cleaning up the bottlenecks in the organization.

Are you feeling so concerned about the functioning of your organization? Is there (too) little growth in your company? Are you affected by the pressure on prices, when you experience discomfort of competition or globalization? Do you sometimes sense the feeling that you are on your own? And sometimes you would rather prefer to be more concerned with business than with your organization. Then that is the time to get in touch with Apics Consult!