Our goal is to make ourselves superfluous. We train your employees on continuous innovation and knowledge sharing. So when knowledge remains up to date and is no longer tied to specific employees but to the organization in general, then your company has become self-learning.

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Custom made

We know from experience that every organization has its own culture and style of management. For this reason, we develop a-literally-unique curriculum for you, which is tailored to your situation in such a way that there is no difference between theory and practice.

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Our approach: your own academy

For occasional training, such as for Apics certificates, your employees will have to come to our own training institute. But for structural improvement of your organization, we focus your own academy in a safe and stimulating environment in which your employees learn by doing: while they work on projects.

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Direct applicability

Our programs are arranged so that they can be applied directly and specifically in the practice of our students and your employees. They are thereby instantly rewarded by the improvements that they see; improvements that directly benefit the entire organization.

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The Supply Chain Academy

There is a gap between what we know – the sharing of information is important – and that which we practice.

The Supply Chain Academy teaches employees how they can put information and knowledge into standard practice. In this regard, knowledge is no longer bound to the person, but it becomes a sustainable asset of your company.

Supply Chain Academy offers standard training programs, for Apics certifications amongst others, and customized programs for your company or organization.

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