Pharma & Life Sciences

Our vision on Pharma & Life Sciences

Our health care system is growing year after year. There are many causes. Think, for example, of population growth, rising life expectancy and, of course, ageing. But also to more prosperity and an increase in multiple chronic diseases.

Of course, costs are also growing. Whereas in 2000 we spent ‘only’ 9.5% of our GDP on health care, that figure was already 12% in 2019. And we are expected to spend as much as 30% of GDP on healthcare by 2030. As a result, we are more likely to weigh up the costs and benefits for society and patients.

So we need measurable value-adding care.

Sustainable Development Goals and Pharma & Life Sciences

The dot on the horizon is tailored care that measurably improves the lives of patients. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our personal mission is to help organizations within Farma & Life Sciences deliver good health and well-being for all. Been Management Consulting  therefore helps  with the acceleration of execution strategy and the associated transformation processes, so that  each  patient can receive the best care.. Now,  in 2030 and  far  beyond.

Where Been Management Consulting helps

Been Management Consulting works together with clients and helps in the sustainable  implementation of change processes. We  can help you to realize the right care in the right place for the right patient. We support  leaders  in implementing patient-centered, effective and future-proof organizations, processes, skills and behavior. We do this in three areas of focus:  Value Based Healthcare (VBHC), Commercial Excellence  and  Supply  Chain  Excellence.

Value Based Healthcare

The goal is to achieve better health outcomes at the lowest possible cost. This includes the transformation from paying for volume to payment based on treatment outcomes. Quality  control means measuring, monitoring, benchmarking  and improving based on standardized indicators to ultimately learn. In short, the PDCA cycle has to go through. We do this by  optimizing care processes within hospitals on the one hand. On the other hand, you can think  of moving care to the patient’s home.

What can we help you with:

  • Moved from care to patient’s home (including business case and business rationale)
    Improving patient care through VBHC consulting
  • Develop and implement patient-centered solutions

Commercial Excellence

Farma is increasingly struggling to reach the doctor face-to-face because existing engagement strategies, such as conferences or visits, no longer work. Doctors are more critical and demand more focused – non-promotional – content. The right content through the right channel is becoming increasingly important.

By organizing processes more around the customer and patient, the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and sales activities for the brand portfolio can be optimized. To achieve this, pharmaceutical companies transform into an organization where the customer and the patient are at the center of all activities

What can we help you with:

  • Setting up multidisciplinary  commercial  organisations in which customer and patient are central
  • Developing and implementing (digital /omni channel) engagement strategy
  • Translating strategy into concrete(result)operational plans and brand plans

Supply Chain Excellence

Our goal within the pharma & life science sector is to ensure a stable delivery of therapies to everyone. This is a big challenge. Supply chain organisations within the sector are faced with increasingly individual therapies, new geographical market areas, stringent requirements of legislators and an ever-increasing rhythm of new products and therapietherapies.

What we’re helping you with:

  • Designing and designing a ‘responsive supply chain’, or a logistics chain designed to respond to the above challenges
  • Targeting logistics processes, for example through integrated planning (S&OP) and more effective collaboration with customers and other chain partners
  • Setting up targeted data infrastructure and effectively using data towards meaningful analytics and meaningful improvement actions

The pharma & life science sector has many challenges. Challenge in terms of our behaviour, technology and market structure. From head to heart. We are happy to take on that challenge, together with you.